Monday, April 28, 2014

Busy we have been....

Hello everyone. Hope life is been good for you lately!! We have been busy around the studio. Trying to get off and running, and don't forget to check it out.  NB KidsFEST was about a month ago.. wow, talk about last minute works...but we got it all done!! And then we got the opportunity to do most of the banners for Crawfish Festival of New Braunfels. And in doing the banner layouts, we acquired the braggin' rights to doing the events main stage which had Kevin Fowler and Cory Morrow playing on it. Oh yeah!! But in the middle of running around with our heads cut off, we been having lots of fun. We are looking to expand Studio MSP. Needing to expand to carry the work load we have gained though hard work and persistence. Watch us grow!!! So as to not bore you anymore, we have attached a few items we have been working on. Hope you enjoy!!

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