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StudioMSP is headed for the top, as soon as i find my ladder!!!

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LOVE WHAT YOU DO............

Passion creates Persistence!!!
Persistence creates Results!!!
Results create Success!!!

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Drawing is

Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad ...... Salvador Dali

Printing and computer colors...............

Remember that in printing, process colors: yellow, cyan (bright blue), magenta (blue red), and black make up all other colors.
If you select a color from a color swatch book and ask 1,000 printers to reproduce that color, you'll get 1,000 different colors.
The color of the paper affects the color of the ink.
Know that on computer or television screens, red, green, and blue make up all other colors.
Colors viewed on monitors, computer or television will vary significantly unless calibrated.

Check out the article about colors (and how they are effected):

Monday, April 11, 2011

Music Logo's

Music logos help brand a band or artist with a distinctive graphical representation of what their music represents for them. This helps fans identify with the group, gives the band a sense of identity and makes it easier to distribute the brand through diverse media channels. It takes more than a graphics editing program to create a music logo. Strong logos and brands require thorough planning before the graphic artist ever draws a single pixel.

Moderately Challenging


things you'll need:

  • Graphics editing software
  • Pencil
  • Paper
    • 1
      Write down at least 10 things that represent the music of the band or artist. These should include name, music genre, song themes, musical instruments and life philosophy.
    • 2
      Analyze the list for recurring trends or themes. Identify the strongest central themes behind the music to determine a good base for the logo design. Determine two or three themes, if possible. For example, the band may be a hip-hop group with songs about leaving the streets behind or a techno DJ with dance music and live instruments.
    • 3
      Examine other music logos for inspiration (see Resources). While an exact copy would be unethical, using other professional logos as inspiration can greatly improve your final logo idea.
    • 4
      Draw a few logo ideas on paper based on the themes and inspirations you outlined. Craft each design around the central theme. For example, for a DJ with dance music, you could use a silhouette scene with people in various stages of dancing in a club. Use the name of the artist or group in combination with the theme to determine the graphical elements you want to use. DJ logos often include turntables, and jazz logos often include saxophones or piano keys.
    • 5
      Launch a graphics editing program on your computer. Common programs include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and GIMP.
    • 6
      Draw the first logo idea you designed on paper in the graphics program. Draw the basic outlines of the graphic elements. Type the name or other text you wish to include in a basic font and position it where you want on the logo.
    • 7
      Experiment with different color combinations and typefaces until you find one you like. Try different special effects, such as 3-D text or reflections, if appropriate for your design idea.
    • 8
      Repeat this process for each idea you sketched on paper.
    • 9
      Present the different logo ideas to the members of the band or the artists the logo will represent. Allow them to choose the logo they like best. Make any changes or adjustments they suggest to make the logo better. Present them with the final draft.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Internet has a variety of websites, such as DeviantArt and iStockphoto, that offer royalty-free graphics for use in your logo projects (see Resources).

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"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep".............Scott Adams 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just some info for the hat rack.........

The Basic Psychology of Color

With the human brain able to distinguish over two hundred shades of white, able to see the same color no matter the light source, saying color is essential to our perception is no slight exaggeration. Viewing a black and white scenic full of all the shades of gray that a good paper and photographer can bring to light, the emotions just those shades of gray can evoke is tremendous! But that's just a small sampling of the potential a full palette of colors can bring to a photograph. I'm not going to pass myself off as a scholarly master of psychology or try to convince you that one must have one color over the other for a photograph to be successful. A sunset is going to be in a red band of light no matter what psychological message we might want to communicate. What I want to bring to the forefront of your photographic consciousness and understanding is what color can communicate and how you can make use of that in your photography.

This is only part of the article. CLICK HERE to view the rest of it. It explains what certain colors brings to us and how it may effect us. Good Read. :D

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Here is a little rant:
......i go to drop off an order to a printer to get the final things done to a project. Now mind you that this printer is local, but not one i use alot. Never the less, i am a customer right? I walk in and say i have a job that is a little different than normal (but nothing that they can't do or haven't done). The lady, which i believe to be one of the owners says "we can't do that". I told her "but you all did them last time". She shock her head and said no they didn't. Then tells me cause it was printed somewhere else that they won't touch the project. Maybe i walked the wrong way through the door, but this lady was very RUDE! From the start. I understand it was printed somewhere else. Their prices are way to high, but they offer a service i need. All this would have been taken better about turning down the job if she would have been nice. But met with attitude and the fact that they did it once.......why can't they do it again? I needed some items cut and holes drilled for clothing tags. Not a big deal, atleast i thought. So...there is my rant! Now i feel better and am ready to have a fun weekend. Don't forget about StudioMSP for all your business ideas. Remember: "not advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark".

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