Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Just a little HONEY will do ya.....

     Did i get your attention with the HONEY? Hope so! We are talking about .... HONEYBAKED HAM CO. AND CAFE. Just opened in The MarketPlace Shopping Center is the NEW HoneyBaked Ham Co. and Cafe. The Morse's (Matt, Mom, Dad) are there every day ready to serve you and help get that yummy in your tummy!! And YEP, you read it right, that's why there is a CAFE in the title. Instead of just HAMs..they have sandwiches, salads, and even some Turkey for your lunch or afternoon eatin'. But most of all the best dam HAM around!!! 
     Knowing that they need to cater to people today in more than just one format..... they take advantage of QR codes, mobile info, websites, and social media. And lets not forget to mention about the promotional items... provided by Studio MSP. (self plug..hehe)  In today's market you have to take advantage of the avenues that are out there.  But lets not forget... that the the biggest thing to remember is what keeps a customer once they are in the door. That my friends is a GREAT product and good down-to-earth customer service. Both can be found at HoneyBaked Ham Co. and Cafe New Braunfels.  Here you are met with a smile and a warm welcome. Remember, your customers want to feel welcome, and sometimes it could be the smallest things that bring them back to the food, the service, and to YOUR business.
Eat in or on the go...Get ya some HAM!!!! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Branding with the Family....

     I want to share a little something about a local business that has really grabbed their marketing and branding and to utilize it the best they can. To what business am i talking about? ... Olive's Market & Deli. If you follow Studio MSP and Mix-It-Up Mixers, than you have heard us talk about them. If not, then pay attention!  This is a family run establishment! And when i say family, i mean family. The owners, Mark and Nancy Kimsey along with the children manage, cook, clean, serve, and treat everyone like family. Eating here is a real pleasure. Inviting and warm just like dinner with family. Go by and try them out of you haven't already.     
     After meeting them a few times, they inquired about having Studio MSP do some business cards. While talking about the cards it was discussed that they had 3 variations of a similar "Olive's", but different "Market & Deli" used in their branding. Studio MSP visited with them about one design used on their vehicles. This design and vehicle wrap was done by Digital D-Signs here in New Braunfels. After discussing this issue, it was decided that this DESIGN would be the brand for their business. After doing the business card, soon other items were added.... NEW storefront signs, banner, stand up banner, and flyer-cards....ALL from Studio MSP with the new logo. In addition to those items, they use it on take out boxes, and soon shirts. They make sure that anything that talks about Olive's Italian Market & Deli has the appropriate design to help people identify with the great food and service they provide.      Check out the NEW look....  

    Please remember that your image is important! Brand your company effectively and wisely. You want people to know your image by look, not reading what it is. The image should jump right out of who it is. How do you brand your company? ...and what can we do to help? Brand wisely my friends!! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How do colors affect human behavior?

Here is some info about how colors effect us.... interesting...do you agree......Comment after you read and let us know......Enjoy the read :D

Research has shown that certain colors directly affect human emotions, human feelings, and human behaviors. To better explore this belief, researchers developed a theory called the psychology of color which is concerned with the effects that specific colors have on individuals' moods, emotions, and behaviors as they perceive colors. Some examples used to explore the psychology color include: 
The color blue which is frequently used as the color of hospital rooms because it has a very soothing effect that is used to treat illnesses and reducing pain. It accomplishes this by slowing down the rate of the parasympathetic nervous system which controls breathing, heart rate, and subaceous (sweat) glands. Many offices are also decorated blue because research has shown that people are more productive in blue rooms. When an individual wears blue clothing they are seen as dependable and responsible, so people often wear blue clothing to job interviews in order to appear reliable.
The color red, on the other hand, accomplishes the opposite of blue by stimulating a faster heart rate and breathing. Sports teams also sometimes paint the opposing locker room red because it is believed to cause their opponents to lose energy.
The color yellow is believed to enhance concentration, so it is used for legal pads. However, while it is considered an optimistic color people often lose their temperatures in yellow rooms more than any other color.
The color white is used in many countries to signify professional authority, purity and innocence. For instance, doctors, lab technicians, and other medical professionals such as scientists often wear white lab coats to connote their authority, cleanliness and sterility. Many brides also wear white dresses to convey the purity and innocence that they believe marriage signifies. Many buildings also purposely paint rooms white because it makes those areas seem more spacious than they actually are.
(Van Wagner, K., 2007)

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_colors_affect_human_behavior#ixzz20N9MFOyC

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Ad ......

What do you all think, this is for our new ad in Rely Local:
Studio MSP is based on the concept of having fun doing what we do best, making you look good. We help companies get noticed through multiple media platforms. We are not just here to make pretty cards and fancy promotional items, we are here to help show you about branding your company through medias you use everyday. We can even bring you mobile apps to help your company stay ahead of competition in today's world. Why go to a website company, a printer, a sign guy, and so on for all your image and branding needs? Why not one company that always has your image and business at heart. And we bring it all together to help you LOOK GOOD!!

Stay tuned for more from our blog, sorry we haven't updated this lately. Studio MSP is been busy helping companies branding and grow their image. And we would like to say thanks to all of you that have helped in our own growth, Thanks to everyone!!! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Creative Business Card Designs...................

We’ve already posted quite a number of business card collections in this blog. But with designers actively coming up with innovative designs, we make it a point to provide you with fresh ideas as often as we can. Majority of the samples we’ve included in this new collection were released by designers from various design portfolio sites just this October and September. Since so many business card samples were uploaded in such a short period, we’ve chosen to include only 31 of the most creative designs of the batch.
With the new year fast approaching, you may want to start contemplating changes on your business card’s design . Checkout this collection of  very attractive business cards to get some much needed inspiration.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Here is to a NEW YEAR......Bring On 2012!!!!

We, at Studio MSP, believe that every business deserves effective representation. Our ultimate goal is to provide our Clients with powerful business images through innovative thinking. Such services establish positive relations and generate income between us and all external customers. Our unique brand of customer service promotes good will, loyalty and satisfaction. Such bonds are very difficult, and sometimes impossible to break off. It seems that a clear mission becomes more and more valuable, especially in a dynamically evolving market. The ability to create such a lasting relationship is a unique result of everyday work based on positive results and individualized designs. 

.......with this said, let Studio MSP help you in your 2012 Marketing ideas. We are here to HELP!!! See you all soon.