Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Just a little HONEY will do ya.....

     Did i get your attention with the HONEY? Hope so! We are talking about .... HONEYBAKED HAM CO. AND CAFE. Just opened in The MarketPlace Shopping Center is the NEW HoneyBaked Ham Co. and Cafe. The Morse's (Matt, Mom, Dad) are there every day ready to serve you and help get that yummy in your tummy!! And YEP, you read it right, that's why there is a CAFE in the title. Instead of just HAMs..they have sandwiches, salads, and even some Turkey for your lunch or afternoon eatin'. But most of all the best dam HAM around!!! 
     Knowing that they need to cater to people today in more than just one format..... they take advantage of QR codes, mobile info, websites, and social media. And lets not forget to mention about the promotional items... provided by Studio MSP. (self plug..hehe)  In today's market you have to take advantage of the avenues that are out there.  But lets not forget... that the the biggest thing to remember is what keeps a customer once they are in the door. That my friends is a GREAT product and good down-to-earth customer service. Both can be found at HoneyBaked Ham Co. and Cafe New Braunfels.  Here you are met with a smile and a warm welcome. Remember, your customers want to feel welcome, and sometimes it could be the smallest things that bring them back to the food, the service, and to YOUR business.
Eat in or on the go...Get ya some HAM!!!!